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There are a lot of important parts on a car, but few items wear out faster and can wreak as much havoc as tires. These four pieces of rubber are a car’s connection to the road, providing stability, maneuvering around hazards, and getting drivers safely to their destinations. Those reasons are why tires actually matter–a lot. When tread is wearing thin or issues start to arise, it is important to seek a tire change in Vancouver right away, and Clarkdale Volkswagen is ready to help.


Tires play an essential role in the safety of a car and its occupants. Tires that are very low on tread are a safety hazard and put all occupants at risk. This is because tires need tread to grip the road, turn safely, and stop within a reasonable distance. Bald tires are not performing optimally, and that means driving dangerously.


Tires that are not balanced or aligned properly, have uneven tread, are wearing down, or are underinflated reduce the fuel efficiency of a vehicle. The worse the tires are, the higher your monthly gasoline bill will be. Buying new tires is an expensive cost, but old tires are already costing drivers money in ways they did not anticipate.


It simply is not fun to drive a car with unbalanced or old tires. Instead of a smooth ride with optimal handling, drivers instead are treated to a bumpy, vibrating ride that pulls the vehicle to one side or another instead of staying in a straight line. High quality tires will efficiently deliver power to each of the wheels, smoothing out the ride and allowing all occupants to be comfortable.


Drivers might not notice their tires are nearing the end of their lifespan when they are driving in good weather, but rain or snow will easily show that they need to be replaced. Tires with a good amount of tread will easily pass through snow or water without spinning or hydroplaning, but the situation easily turns treacherous with tires past the end of their life.

Getting a Tire Change in Vancouver

Clarkdale Volkswagen is ready and willing to come to the aid of drivers who need a tire change in Vancouver by working to find tires with the right size and capabilities. Tires are expensive, but the cost is so much higher when an accident occurs due to tire wear.