Is 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan a Reliable Car ?

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2021 Tiguan Mid-Size Sporty SUV from Volkswagen

2021 Tiguan Mid-Size Sporty SUV from Volkswagen

Over the past decade, Volkswagen has worked to refine its model lineup to introduce improved models and adequately compete against its main rivals. With its vehicles, Volkswagen offers solid German engineering and the quality reliability that drivers expect from their new vehicles.


The 2021 Volkswagen Tiguan is a stand-out in the compact-SUV crowd with a refined driving experience, available third row, and excellent fuel economy. It is a refreshing change to the sameness that can be seen across the multitude of compact crossovers available on the market. While it is Volkswagen’s smallest SUV, the Tiguan’s flexible interior and seven-passenger capacity make great use of the SUV’s exterior footprint.



Volkswagen Warranty


Volkswagen shortened the warranty on all of its 2020 models and will do so going forward. Volkswagen now provides a 4-year/50,000-kilometre warranty on all models, plus two years of complimentary maintenance. The warranty shortening should not be viewed in a negative way–it brings it more in line with the offerings of other manufacturers. The two-year complimentary maintenance is also way beyond what other brands provide. The warranty and included maintenance highlight Volkswagen’s confidence in its vehicles. Tramadol



Volkswagen Tiguan Reliability


There is no sugarcoating it–the first years of the Volkswagen Tiguan had some reliability issues. RepairPal gave early models a 3 out of 5 for reliability, which is below average for its segment, and estimated annual repairs and maintenance at $730, which is significantly higher than the $521 for the average compact SUV. However, these are all minor repairs, as the Tiguan is not statistically likely to need more significant repairs than the competition. There is no data that shows that the Tiguan is going to suffer catastrophic engine, transmission, or other failures.


While RepairPal rated the Tiguan low on its reliability charts, more prominent sources provided the Tiguan with an above-average reliability rating when compared to similar cars. J.D. Power and Associates’ and U.S. News both rated the quality and reliability of the Tiguan higher than many of its competitors.


The late-model Tiguans received higher reliability ratings, and even the small, nagging issues seem to have been ironed out with the 2020 model. This is significant, showing the Volkswagen takes consumer feedback into consideration with the creation of each new model year.



Should You Buy a Volkswagen Tiguan?


Drivers should not have any reservations about purchasing a late model or 2020 version of the Volkswagen Tiguan for their personal or professional use. While it is the smallest of Volkswagen’s SUVs, it is not small by any means. It makes good use of the space that it has available and even provides an optional third row, which is not found in many compact crossovers. Phentermine diet pills


The Tiguan offers one of the segment’s best infotainment systems and a lot of advanced driver-assist features. It is a fully loaded compact crossover that offers reliability, quality, and performance. While other vehicles in the segment can offer one or two of those items, only the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan covers all the bases.

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