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Electric vehicles are the future – and Vancouver Volkswagen is leading the charge

When you visit Vancouver Volkswagen in the heart of Main Street, you can feel the electricity. The vibrancy of Vancouver paired with the energy of the ID.4 lineup is electrifying. And it feels good!

Electric Feels Good. When you can easily visit Canada’s first dedicated Volkswagen Electric Vehicle team, learn from the experts about the ID. Family of vehicles including the ID.4, ID.Buzz, and the upcoming ID.7.

Electric Feels Good. When you can drive one of our many on-ground EVs to make sure you experience the different trim levels and features firsthand and order an ID.4 to your exact specifications.

Electric Feels Good. When you can join the waitlist to be the first to drive the ID.Buzz.

Electric Feels Good. At Vancouver Volkswagen. Learn more about our electrifying lineup, our dedicated EV team, and home charging solutions only available at Vancouver Volkswagen.

Vancouver Volkswagen's Expert EV team

Have A Question? Ask our EV Experts

At Vancouver Volkswagen, we have a team of experts here to answer all of your EV questions. Our team is lead by Mark Hansford, who has been with Volkswagen for over 20 years!

Unlike traditional salespeople, Mark and his team specialize in one thing: Volkswagen Electric Vehicles. This means you get immediate answers to your most pressing questions like:

– What is the range on an ID.4?
– How long does it take to charge an ID.4?
– What is the wait time for an ID.4?

And MUCH more!
Have questions? Chat with the Experts today!

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Home Charging Solutions

At Vancouver Volkswagen, our EV knowledge doesn’t end with our vehicles. We also provide customers with expert advice on home charging solutions.

With our wide network of home installation companies, our EV Specialists will help you find the best home charger for your ID.4, ID.Buzz, or ID.7.

Have a question? Ask the experts. Send us an email using the button below.


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ID.4 charging

Wallbox charger available at Vancouver Volkswagen

Meet WallBox: our preferred home charging solution

Although we work with many home charging solutions, Vancouver Volkswagen is pleased to be a distributor for Wallbox Home Chargers, the global leader in home charging.

Wondering if WallBox might be right for you or have questions about installation? Learn more on our dedicated Wallbox page, or send us an email using the button below.

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At Vancouver Volkswagen, we’ve worked hard to become the leader in Volkswagen electric vehicles – here’s how we’re staying ahead of the competition:

Dedicated EV Manager at Vancouver Volkswagen

We Have the first Dedicated EV Team in Volkswagen Canada

When it comes to purchasing a Volkswagen electric vehicle, you probably have a lot of questions – that’s why we brought in a team of experts, led by our dedicated EV Manager, Mark Hansford, to help our customers navigate their purchase and provide expert advice after the sale.

Vancouver Volkswagen has the largest allocation of electric vehicles

We Have the Largest Allocation of Electric Vehicles in the Country

As one of Canada’s largest VW stores, located in the heart of North America’s largest EV Market, we are the top choice of hundreds of customers for ID vehicles. We have the largest allocation of Volkswagen EVs in all of Canada!

Trust Vancouver Volkswagen for your servicing needs

We Are Vancouver’s Best EV Service Centre

After purchasing an EV, you need a service team equipped to handle your regular maintenance needs. Vancouver Volkswagen has invested in updating and retooling our service centre to accommodate Volkswagen’s growing lineup of electric vehicles. Plus, we’ve committed to ensuring that every technician at Vancouver Volkswagen is EV certified.

Meet Mark: Vancouver VW’s EV Manager

Mark comes to Vancouver Volkswagen with 20 Years experience working with the VW brand, and a passion for the growing electric vehicle market.

“Sales is only part of my role here – my real mission is to educate customers on electric vehicles and ownership. The more I can help, the better.”

Whether you’re shopping for an ID.4, ID.Buzz, or ID.Aero, Mark is your best resource to help answer questions at any stage of your EV journey!

Email Mark

Mark Hansford

ID.4 Frequently Asked Questions


Explore the ID. Lineup


Electric Vehicles Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about Electric Vehicles, we have the answers. Check out our Frequently asked questions below.


Have questions about ordering an electric vehicle? Or questions about the waitlist for the vehicles that haven’t landed yet (such as the ID.7 or ID.Buzz). Then you’re in the right place.

Wait times can vary quite a bit depending on how your ID.4 is configured, but a normal rule of thumb is to allow 12 months. Ask our dedicated EV team how to select the ideal options for your ID.4 for the shortest possible order wait time.

Yes we sure do! Vancouver Volkswagen has a waitlist for both vehicles and encourage you to add your name to either to ensure that you have an early spot in line once orders become available!

There is no charge to join the waitlist, however, when orders become available from Volkswagen Canada we anticipate that a $1000 deposit will be required at that time. To speed up placing your order later we welcome you to provide your credit card details as you join our waitlist and can assure you that no charges will be processed until the VW Canada order system opens.

Email our EV team to join the waitlist.

Join the Waitlist

We expect Volkswagen Canada to open the ordering system for the ID.Buzz in 2023. We invite any interested clients to add their name to the Vancouver Volksagen Buzz waitlist to make sure you are first in line when orders become available!

Email our EV Team to join the waitlist

Join the Waitlist

The 2023 ID.4 offers 2 interior options in its fully dressed trim.

1. Black Leatherette with hexagon pattern and Platinum Grey accents (and)

2. E-Grey/X-Blue Leatherette with hexagon pattern and X-Blue accents

The 2023 ID.4 offers 2 interior options when dressed in cloth trim.

1. Black Cloth with Leatherette bolsters (and)

2. Mauro Brown Habitat Cloth with Leatherette bolsters

There are 3 rim options avaiable on the 2023 ID.4


Want to know how much it will cost to switch to an EV or an EV(W) Specifically? Our EV and Finance teams would be happy to walk you through the numbers, but here are some of the questions we get most often.

The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 starts at $43,995 plus taxes and fees. Once federal and provincial EV rebates are applied your lower your price can be as much as $9000 lower! Ask our dedicated EV team for more information about how these rebates work!

Yes the 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 does qualify. Ask our EV team for more information about these rebates and how they apply to you!

Qualifying electric vehicles are eligible for a $5,000 federal EV rebate. The ID.4 is included in this group.

Qualifying electric new vehicles sold in BC receive a provincial EV rebate up to $4000. This applies to the ID.4. Ask our EV team for more information about what rebate amount you will qualify for.


Have some questions about charging? From the different types of chargers to figuring out how to install your own, here are some of the questions we get asked the most.

Absolutely! Vancouver Volkswagen is an authorized distributor for Electrify Canada and Wallbox home chargers. Our EV team is extensively trained in home charging solutions and installation tips and are always available to answer your questions

WallBox chargers

Charge times depend on the type of charger you choose and can vary from as little as 20 minutes to recharge to 80% with a level 3 fast charger to 5-7 hours with your Wallbox home charger.

The charger that comes with your ID.4 and connects to a standard 120V electrical outlet can take significantly longer (over 24 hours), especially in the winter.

We definitely find that your driving experience is the best with a properly configured home charging solution. Ask our EV experts for more information about home charging.

This will depend on the time of day and where you are charging.
ID.4 customers will be happy to know that they can charge for Free at the electrify Canada network of chargers.

Yes, your ID.4 includes a level 1 (120V) charging cable when it is shipped from the factory. Since the level 1 cable will charge your ID.4 quite slowly, most of our ID.4 customers elect to upgrade to a 240V Wallbox home charging solution to fully enjoy their EV driving experience. Ask our EV team for details.

Absolutely, EVs are safe to charge in nearly any weather condition.

General Questions about EV(W)s

If you are comparing the ID.4, ID.Buzz, or ID.7 to any other models, you probably have some model-specific questions. Check out the questions we get asked the most below.

Yes Vancouver Volkswagen has a dedicated demonstrator available for you to test drive during regular business hours!

Although EV range does decrease somewhat in the winter as we rely on our cabin heater to keep our vehicle warm, at Vancouver Volkswagen we find that preconditioning your car before a trip with a proper home charging solution will eliminate any concern for most drivers.

We get this question so often, we decided to make a video on it! Check it out below:

Winter Range on the ID.4

A heat pump is an efficient technology using heat source from ambient air and can generate large amounts of thermal energy with little electric energy. Electric energy saving for cabin heating can extend driving range of a battery electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle.

The RWD model achieves an estimated 443 km of electric range. Meanwhile, the AWD model is capable of 410 km of electric range. Actual range depends on your driving and charging habits as well as weather and road conditions.

The 2023 Volkswagen ID.4 features two high-voltage traction batteries with different capacities. The standard battery has a gross capacity of 62 kWh. The optional upgrade features a gross capacity of 82 kWh.

ID.4 Information Series

We get a lot of questions about various features in the ID.4. We brought the features to life in our video series.

Wondering if a heat pump is right for you? Our EV experts did some digging to find the answer. Check out our blog post.

Is a heat pump right for me?

Make sure your ID.4 is ready for a long journey with 100% charge. It only takes a couple of steps to get yourself ready for adventure. Check out our blog post below.

How to prepare your ID.4 for a long trip

The Volkswagen ID.4 comes equipped with mood lighting. This simple touch allows you to make the ID.4 feel like your own, no matter what you’re feeling. Check out our blog post on how to adjust the mood lighting below.

How to adjust the mood lighting in the ID.4

The ID.4 comes equipped with many driver assistance features that can be customized to your driving habits. Check out our blog post on customizing your ID.4’s Driver Assistance features below.

How to set up the drivers assistance features in the ID.4

One of the biggest questions we get is about the ID.4 range in winter. We thought it would be better to answer the question with a video. Check it out below.

Winter Range on the ID.4

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