2.0L TDI Settlement

May 24th, 2018 by

The 2.0L TDI Settlement
The Ontario and Quebec courts have approved the Canadian 2.0L TDI Settlement. Affected 2.0L TDI customers can now register online to start their claim process.

The settlement agreements include a cash payment plus, for some customers, options including:

– Buyback of their vehicle
– Vehicle modification with extended warranty (once approved by regulators)

– Early lease termination
Owners eligible for the buy-back option would also have the option of trading-in their vehicle to a Volkswagen dealer and putting the value towards a new or used Volkswagen vehicle from that dealer.

For detailed information about the 2.0L TDI settlement program including the settlement agreement, Court-approved notices summarizing its terms and the TDI claim portal, please click here or call 1-888-670-4773.

We invite all affected TDI owners to come to Clarkdale for help with registering on the VW Settlement “portal”. We will guide you through the process and scan/submit all required documents.

We’re here to help

As an affected 2.0L TDI owner, you can now start your claim process by registering on the TDI claim portal. This portal opened on Friday April 28, and you will have until September 1st 2018 to register. In the portal, you will be presented with your options after entering your VIN, mileage and financing details. If you’re satisfied with the numbers, you can accept the offer and you will be prompted to choose Clarkdale Volkswagen as your VW dealer. You will then be able to schedule your appointment at our location to complete the program. This appointment can be as little as 20 days later which is the time it takes for VW to process and send to us the documents with your cheque.

Two important things worth mentioning:

– First, once you’ve accepted the offer, you will have an additional 2,000 km allowance on your TDI vehicle. Make sure you don’t exceed this additional mileage before your scheduled appointment at Clarkdale Volkswagen.

– Second, you can pause the online process anytime before accepting the offer. So if you have any questions regarding the presented offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us before accepting it. We can provide you with trade-in options and review the current incentives available to you as a loyal Clarkdale customer.

We’re here to help. And if you’re interested in the buyback program with trading in option, we strongly encourage you to talk to us to secure your next VW, as we are experiencing high demand on certain models. Our absolute priority is to help our loyal Clarkdale customers. So again, if you haven’t done so already, please contact us to inquire about any aspect of this process, including our current inventory and specials. As your VW dealer, we’re here to help.

Feel free to contact our TDI Settlement Team at [email protected] or 604-872-5431 or use the chat box on this page (available during our business hours).

Thanks so much for your patience throughout all this. We really appreciate it, and we hope to see you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I determine which benefits I may be eligible to receive?

Customers can check their own status and learn more about the proposed settlement at www.VWCanadaSettlement.ca

2. When will the Canada class action settlement be approved?

The 2.0L TDI Settlement was approved by the Ontario and Quebec Courts in April 2017. Starting on April 28th, Canadian settlement class members and U.S. customers with affected 2.0L TDI vehicles that were first sold or leased in Canada may submit claims for benefits under the settlement by way of an online portal on this website or a paper claim form (available on this website or by calling the Canadian Settlement Claims Centre at 1-888-670-4773).

3. What is “the fix” and how will it impact my car?

Phase 1 of the approved emissions modification consists of a software update to the electronic control module (ECM) and the application of two new labels to the vehicle.The second phase will involve the installation of emissions control system hardware, including a new Diesel Particulate Filter, Diesel Oxidation Catalyst, and Selective Catalytic Reduction Converter. It will also include a second NOx sensor and corresponding software to improve the performance of the on-board diagnostic system. No significant changes in fuel consumption or driving characteristics are expected. Please refer to the emission recall notification and booklet which provide detailed information regarding operation and performance effets resulting from the modification.

4. What is the emissions modification option?

The emissions modification option allows affected customers to keep their vehicles and to have their emissions systems modified at Volkswagen Group’s expense. Customers would also receive an extended warranty on this modification. Because the submission, testing and approval processes for modifications takes time, some customers may have to wait some time to see if their vehicles have an available modification following the final approval of the settlement.

5. Can I have the work performed now and choose a buyback later if I do not like how it affects my vehicle?

If you are eligible for the 2.0L TDI settlement in Canada, you may qualify to choose a buyback, trade-in or early lease termination as an alternative to the approved emissions modification for their affected vehicle. If your vehicle is repaired by the emissions modification recall before the settlement program begins, there will be no impact on the benefits available under the settlement. Repairing the vehicle by the emissions modification recall after the settlement program begins could affect any rights to a buyback, trade-in or early lease termination under the settlement.

6. How are buy-back values calculated for vehicles?
An eligible vehicle’s value for a buyback are determined based on the Canadian Black Book® Inc. wholesale value as of September 18, 2015, with adjustments for factory options and mileage at the time of the buyback offer.

Use this VIN lookup tool to find out if your TDI vehicle is affected by the emissions issue.

Volkswagen Canada Customer Care

1-800-822-8987 Questions & concerns

1-866-363-7903 Check card balance

1-800-411-6688 Roadside Assistance support

Clarkdale Volkswagen Customer Care

604-872-5431 Assistance to register & activate Owner Credit Package

TDI Owner Credit Package: If you’ve received your TDI Owner Credit package in the mail, please bring it to Clarkdale Volkswagen to have it activated.

The appointment wil take approximately 15 min. Don’t forget to bring with you:

– The Owner Credit Package you received in the mail with both cards

– The affected TDI vehicle
– Driver’s license that matches the name on your Owner Credit Package
– Proof of ownership as of Dec 4th 2015 (registration, title or lease agreement)